6.Morphology-types of lexical information



1.Define :

Morpheme=smallest part of a word which do have meaning.

Lexical morpheme=is the morpheme that consists of a root(a stem)which carries the lexical information of a word.

Grammatical morpheme=is the morpheme that can be free or bound and which gives the grammatical meaning to a word.

Stem=is the root of a word that can have lexical or grammatical meaning(generally lexical)

Derived stem/compound stem=a derived stem is the result of derivation and consists of a stem and affixes,and a compound stem one made through compunding 2 stems.

2.What is the difference between inflection and word formation?

Inflexion is ment to grammaticalise a word,whereas word formation brings new words,new meanings.

3.What is the difference between derivation and compounding?

They both are ment to bring ,to create new words and difference between them is that the first one is realised by a stem to which affixes apply and the latter consists on 2 stems.

4.Collect 5 longish words and divide them into morphemes.






5.Translate Jabberwocky into your favourite other language.

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