Text theory

1.Text theory


Quiz 1

1.Why is a portofolio important?

A portfolio is an important source of informations for preparing for the exam .It consists of notes ,exercises and other materials that can be later useful in refreshing knowledge gained in previous classes.

2.What should a portfolio contain and how are these components defined?

A portfolio should contain :a table of contents,a body(with all the informations )and at the end an overview or a conclusion .It should also a glossary of terms from the field of knowledge the portfolio is based on.

3.Why should the portfolio be on a website?

Because it can be easily accessed by the person who created it and other people interested in the topic(checked by the teacher for example).Because by creating and using it you gain knowledge(and experience)in working with electronic media.

4.How do you make a website?

There are at least two main ways to crate a website:

*use a web service provider (like the uni website) *create a blog(like this one)

Quiz 2

1.What is a website ?

A website is a set of pages on the World Wide Web which are connected to each other which often contain pictures ,videos and sound.

2.What is a hypertxt?

A hypertext is a way of joining a word or an image to another page ,document etc on the Internet so that you can easily move from one to the other.

3.What is a text ?What are its main properties?

A text is a document written in a book,magazine,etc.Its main properties are:appearance,meaning and structure.

4.How do these properties relate to the mind /to the world?

The meaning(semantics and pragmatics)and the appearance (media)of a text belong to the shared world.Both of them refer to shared knowledge.

The text structure belong to the world of the mind.It is related to the knowledge that one has and that is linked to a judgement that can be made -about the appearance and the meaning of a text.If I can say so,the relation of the shared world to the world of the mind is one similar to what defines the difference between the terms objective -subjective.

Quiz 3

1.What is a dictionary?

A dictionary is an extended document that consists of lists,tree structure or a network in which the entries are usually alphabetically ordered ,giving their meaning ,pronunciation ,(maybe origin also)and usage (in different contexts).

2.What is the difference between a semasiological and an onomasiological dictionary?

A semasiological dictionary is one in which a lexical entry is explained by nearest kind and specific differences:x is a y kind of z.

An onomasiological dictionary is that gives syononyms and antonyms of a lexical entry,that are also entries(their meaning explanation si not given)

The difference between semasiological and onomasiological dictionary consists in their different organization:the first one is organised as a list whereas the latter has a tree structure(taxonomy)

3.What other kinds of dictionaries are there?

Dictionary of :synonyms,antonyms,of idioms,picture dictionaries,spelling dictionaries,monolingual,bilingual ones,in electronic format or as a book,etc.


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